Kickstand Presales

While Kickstands™ are en route to’s warehouse for sale on their website in early April, we’re pre-selling the stock we’ve got at Hugga HQ. Buy now and we’ll ship it this week. Kickstands cost $4.99.

First Sale

First Kickstand sale!

Our first sale was last week at SXSW. This CNN cameraman bought two and then a Mailchimp bought 10.

Kickstand at Work Rear

Kickstand at Work Rear

Kickstand at Work Front

Kickstand at Work Front

On my desk, I use Kickstand to hold the iPhone while it’s plugged in and syncing. When traveling, it’s on the airplane seat trays and the nightstand in the hotel. I toss it into my bag when I’m riding.


We designed Kickstand for the iPhone 4 and didn’t expect that people at SXSW would want to try it with their phones. We learned the holder also works with

We haven’t tested every possible phone/case combination, but if you want to try it and tell us, please do. We’ll refund your purchase and shipping if it doesn’t.

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