It’s Women’s Fault


After my post yesterday about cycling’s difficulty addressing the needs of the female cyclist we received a lot of great feedback. One of the tweets we got (from a female cyclist) really summed up the issue, and now I see that we’ve been looking at this all wrong.

“@specializedwmn @bikehugger a lot of women walk in not knowing what they want, they need to do research and ask the right questions”

Ah yes, it’s the fault of the women. They walk into bike stores without having done the research. Why, they should find out more about the products.

Where might they do that? Oh, how about at a retail establishment that sells the products they’re interested in, that has employees that surround themselves with the products (often going to take expensive classes in fit and selection) and that are in the business of selling bikes?

Nah, let them read a few years of Bicycling magazine and Road Bike Action, that’ll give them all the info they need. Then they can march into the store, demand exactly the frame and components they want, recite their measurements and build and fit the bike themselves.

Luckily, men never walk into stores without educating themselves first, imagine if we had to have a salesperson actually help us?

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