Italian Kit from Nalini for the Summer


For sexy, svelte self

Having written about the New Road Uniform, quoted in the WSJ about it, and a follow-up, how-I-roll rant, here’s a review of what I guess is now called an old-school road uniform. Previously just called, “kit.” It’s new tech, brilliant, and highly breathable, compression wear. If worn under a dress, for a night out, it’d work like Spanx shapewear or control-top panty hose.

In kit like this, present yourself with a full-on don’t give a F ‘bout what you wear and ride attitude, cause you’ve been training and riding fast. Fabric tech like this embraces that inner roadie and lets it out to celebrate form and fitness. Seriously, I’m as good with roadies as tourists, urban cyclists, commuters, the cool fixie kids, and whatever other stereotypes we come up with as a culture to delineate ourselves.


Shiny in the sun

The Italians make the best stuff for cyclists and Nalini is responsible for much of it. I wore their knickers and Windtec over the Winter, love them, and this fabric is curiously crunchy. It goes on snug and wears surprisingly well. By that I mean, you’d think a jersey that you can ball up in your hand and when fiddled with sounds like a skittles bag would scratch and bind. But on the body, it’s smooth as a fine cotton shirt.

The Brionia jersey and shorts are like a two-piece skin suit and your best skinny jeans.

Feeling good on a sunny day, wear ‘em and hammer out the big miles. Also perfect for a new term I heard this week, a Pleasure Race. That’s one you do for the fun of it.

MSRP is $200 for the jersey and $260 for the bids and available online or from your local Nalini dealer.

Of course, that Italian kit matches a bike like this…


Fondriest in on test

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