Italian Hip-hop star Jovanotti at SXSW

8561182356_53716b5225.jpgimage by Dave Lictherman

Italian music superstar Jovanotti played a set at Mellow Johnny’s bicycle shop in Austin during SXSW. Seattle’s world famous independent radio station KEXP hosted a live broadcast from the middle of the showroom floor. During a musical career spanning 25 years, he has blended influences from hip-hop, funk, and world music, but perhaps one of his greatest talents is his charisma as an entertainer. Performing songs in both Italian and English, Jovanotti effortlessly won over the crowd. In between songs, he revealed his great love for cycling, which apparently is no bullshit. Actually, his personal list of cycling accomplishments is real and rather enviable. He described cycling as his third greatest love…..after women and music.



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