Issue 29: Free Cover Story


Micki showed me his Blackberry, then proceeded to explain how Lezyne shipped a GPS device

When Lezyne invited me to their booth during Interbike, I was expecting to see new GPS devices, but also got treated to a meeting with Micki and a rant about distracted cycling, getting away from it all, and how unbelievably hard it is to create hardware from scratch. If, like every cyclists I know, you’ve been annoyed and outright angry at Garmin, then take a look at, and I encourage you to buy the Lezyne GPS. I’ve said it enough in posts and tweets about Garmin, the market needs competition, and I applaud Micki’s drive to compete with a giant. To those daily and redundant Kickstarter pitches I get, I also say, “make something more useful or disruptive,” like a GPS unit with software that doesn’t elicit anger when used.

Follow Lezyne’s lead…and if enough of these GPS units sell, expect follow-on products with features like turn-by-turn directions.

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