Issue 09: Valentines

Be Our Valentine

Issue 09 of our Magazine, dropping on iTunes today, is a Valentines Day edition with articles about lust, love, and heartbreak on the bike. Quotes from the articles include

  • But from that vantage I knew at once that she was a cyclist. – Nick Verstain
  • It’s not that you can’t find something to love in bikes. It just might not be the bikes themselves. – Chris Matthews
  • Chavez threaded the needle over an icy patch on the road that would’ve broke the pelvis or hip of anyone else. – Byron
  • I would buy/borrow a new one, get rid of the old bike and feel nothing. It wasn’t until that Trick Star that I truly fell in love with a bike. – Matt Haughey
  • Then he disappears in the garage or goes on a training ride. He’s been racing for 3 years and moved up to a cat 2. – Zanne Blair
  • It’s an exciting time of the year full of possibilities. Imaginations are fired. Wonderful new bikes are born. – Dwight Jurling
  • People aren’t like bikes; people get jealous. – Mark V

The theme pulsed a nerve with all of the authors, inspiring them to write emotional pieces about the bike and love. I paused while editing to consider my relationships and why I ride so much. Also remembered to NOT give a lover bike parts for both of you to share!

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