Issue 07 #bikewishlist EXTENDED


Issue 07 cover

Deadline Extended

We’re getting such a good response, accepting more of your wish lists…

To celebrate our 7th issue of Bike Hugger Magazine and it’s the time of year, we’re taking your contributions. Get them in quick because the deadline is December 6th December 8th at Midnight and this is one-time exclusive. If we pick your response, we’ll send you some sweet scwhag, including new gear we’re releasing in 2014. Issue 07 drops next week.

Here’s the setup…

You’ve got Twitter IPO money, a billionaire’s war chest, and you can do whatever you want with it related to the bike. Like, construct a retractable roof over the I-90 floating bridge for when it rains all day in Seattle. Buy a rockstar bus and outfit it for Clydesdale master’s racing, or maybe develop an even more invisible helmet, or a better bolt-on electric wheel for fixies!

We’ll take a #bikewishlist tweet, G+ post with the hashtag, or Google Doc submission, but no hand-written notes please, cause there’s not enough time….

For your doc submission, send for 800 – 1,000 words and we’re editing the issue now.

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