Issue 07: Beta Testing Bikes

Feeling a bit like an alpha/beta tester in the bike industry this year. What I’d like to see happen is that they take a cue from the electronics world, and own their ecosystem with a complete product. Hey SRAM, Shimano, Campy I want a complete bike from one of you. What I’m proposing is the entire manufacturing process is owned by one manufacturer.

The end result is a production bike that I don’t look down at while riding and worry if the fork is going to sheer off, or a wheel fall out, or tires blow off a rim, or electronics lock up, or the brakes fail.

A no-recall goal is a start.

Seriously, when the iPhone succeeded that was the talk with the Boondoggling Bros who travel to Taichung making bikes, but only for accessories—they eventually gave up on that and Shimano’s Coasting (a feeble ecosystem attempt) was a miserable failure.

Take it beginning to end man, market it for safety, ’cause the consumer and bike bloggers will thank you.

You can learn how to do it from the bike geeks at Google, Apple, and Samsung. We both know you’ve got the buying power with the top-tier Taiwan “good-guy” suppliers to try it.

If you agree, I’ll help you get it done, and the bike would be a beautiful example of craftsmanship.

Make a bike that’s fast, safe, and worry-free because nothing buzzkills a good ride faster than a stupid mechanical.

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