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Issue 06

For an issue about riding in all conditions and persevering, the setup was this starter paragraph from an Instagram post I sent out to our contributors.

Roaring through fog, blinky-lit red comet, breath-steaming locomotive, a racer stunned drivers this morning doing intervals before work. A disappearing act.

In Issue 06 downloadable now from iTunes, Mark V returns to spin a ragged tale of racing in the rains and chaos of an uncivilized land known as Florida. I write about a Chatty Friendly Lance and our contributors share their #rodeinit stories

  • All ChangeCycling, like any regular outdoor activity, increases ones awareness of the elements and heightens the senses to conditions and changing patterns. I’m still relatively new to the weather of Vancouver, BC, but I’m starting to feel and see the signs. By Martin Gisborne
  • No Bad Weather. Only Bad Clothes.But I have to be out there. I can’t miss a ride. By Mark Talkington
  • To Hold Nothing BackHe was still dripping, a puddle formed on the floor where he sat, water pooled on the seat and a trickle started to spill down, Jackie wondered why he didn’t take his rain gear off before getting everything wet, were his seatmates sitting in the runoff from his plastic coat? By Zanne Blair
  • Riding the ImpossibleIt was at the seventh of the 10 switchbacks that my strategy fell apart. By Patrick Brady
  • Got-To-Gear: Hydro – Editors

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