Issue 03: Gaerne Shoes

A fav new shoe from Gaerne.

There was a time, not so long ago, when getting a new pair of shoes was an ordeal. It took at least two weeks to break them in and they may have broken down in a season or two. Now there are many high-quality shoes on the market with companies spending lots of attention and R&D budget on fit and ergonomics. Unless you’re going custom like Matt Hill wrote about in Issue 02, then a shoe should work for you in the first few miles and then all the time you spend in the saddle. In other words, if your feet hurt, get another shoe. Sidi, Specialized, Vittoria, and Bont are all good. My new favs are Gaernes. Love the fit, lightweight, and pop-up to release BOA system they use. Also recommend you not skimp on shoes; especially for cross, since you’re running, riding, and landing hard after a dismount on an uneven surfaces.

The 2013 Carbon G.Kobra MTB MSRPs at $499.99. Find them online or ask your local bike shop.

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