Issue 01: Niko

When my wife Pam told me she was using the Chrome Niko on a trip to Paris instead of her purse, I realized how essential that bag had become. It’s go-to-gear and she chose it over her purse! I’ve never seen her without a purse nearby, except when we’re riding, for as long as we’ve been together. Like I do, she put a camera in it, cables, snacks, a softshell jacket secured on the outside, and more. It’s remarkable how much you can carry in the Niko for a shoot or a trip. It’s also stable and comfortable with the big strap and wedge resting on your back.

Combined with a hardshell rollerboard holding my laptop and clothes, and a folding bike, I’m all set for traveling light. In the Niko are a Nikon D-7000 with primes for street shooting. Expecting to ride more on a trip, I’ve strapped a helmet to the side too or a monopod for shooting bike races.

The Niko is water-resistant, padded, and features Chrome’s signature seat-belt buckle. It costs $120.00. The interior is customizable and I arrange it to hold headphones and an iPad with the Nikon.

When we travel again together, I’m going to have to get another Niko or fight for it with Pam.

Ed. note: After a good run of 42 issues, our magazine app is no longer available, but we’ve archived the content here on our blog. 

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