iPhone Cross Training

Bike up on my shoulder, running, and that mount isn’t moving

Running up a trail with the Parlee CX H and a Think Biologic Reecharge bike mount. Glanced at it up on my shoulder and noticed the case was not moving. I’ve ridden for a couple weeks with this setup and it’s solid. The Reecharge has a rechargeable battery and for touring and longer miles after Cross Season, it’ll connect to the matching dynamo hub.

Think Biologic won’t recommend this, condone, or acknowledge off-road use and you’ll void your warranty, but it works. The giant wing nuts, snap-in and release mechanism are all oversized. You can see the nut next to the brake cable noodle.

Putting the iPhone in the mount gets it out of my jersey pocket. I carry it to stay in touch while out riding by myself and track my rides with the various flavors of iOS bike apps. A best seller for us in our Amazon store is the iPhone 4 Bike Mount.

I won’t race with this setup with this is not for MTBs. For training and riding on Road or Cross bikes, you get all-day battery life in a weatherproof case. Randonneurs? this is the device set up you’ve been looking for too, if anyone can pry those old maps out of your hands.

Here’s another photo of the mount, back at Hugga HQ.

Parlee CX H (for hugga) with Biologic Reecharge

LED indicates charging

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