iPhone 7 in the Rain

If this marketing from Apple is true and correct…that’s a game changer in using smartphones outside. Also, a nod to the cyclists at Apple who know their demographic well; those of us that view riding in all conditions as a personal challenge. Not sure what Apple’s warranty on water damage is now, with the latest edition of an iPhone, but to carry less gear is always the goal for a photographer like me on the go, pedaling a bike around.

Being the user experience company Apple is, if they’ve figured out how I can use a phone in the wet without stuffing it in a case and plastic bag while on a bike, that’s great news. So great, I’ll purchase this version, having sat out the 6, believing the 5s was perfectly, good enough.

Also, with so many bike companies based in California, product designers have little to no idea what it’s like to ride in the rain…it seems Apple does, now.

Maybe they asked some of the cyclists I ride with? Who knows, but thanks for noticing our specific needs.

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