Introducing the D-Plus

Pressfit BB30 welded to Feathertec tubing

In a jig at Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles is our latest project bike. Davidson’s frame shop is just north of Pike Place Market; that place where they throw fish and buskers play street music. The bike is called the D-Plus because of all the +1s the build has. We’ll get into the plusses later, after the Seattle Bike Expo, the first rides, and into the 12 Cross season.

head tube

Is that a gigantic head tube or is this bike just happy to see you?

For now, the most interesting details include

A bong-sized BB, massive John Holmes head tube, and over-sized, thin-walled Ti tubing means a bike so stiff, it’s gonna hurt. Also with the ride qualities expected from Ti and carbon weights too.

The bike is tacked together now and next week, Max Kullaway will weld it. His welds are the best I’ve ever seen.


An evolution of the Modal concept to Cross

Seattle’s best welder

The story of a Bike

We’re sharing the build on G+ with feature follow-ups here by Mark V, who developed and designed the concept with Bill D, a master builder.

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