Introducing Barney Big Dummy

Since the summer of 2006 Byron has integrated an Xtracycle longtail cargo bike into his family’s life and blogged about it here on bikehugger. The affectionately named “Bettie,” has seen several iterations. Bettie 1.0 was a Karate Monkey equipped with an Xtracycle Free Radical. Most recently, Bettie 2.5 has emerged as a Surly Big Dummy with custom mounted Stoke Monkey electric assist. No matter where we go, the sport utility bike turns heads. When we’re spinning up bike blended smoothies at a crit race, or just out with the kids at soccer practice, everyone wants to know more about Bettie. We’ve become such fans of Xtracycle cargo bikes, that we’ve doubled down. I’m pleased to unveil “Barney” Big Dummy. Mark V, recently completed the build of Barney at Elliot Bay Bikes. You can check out photos of Barney step’in out with a down low glow on his first trip to “Full Throttle Bottles,” Beer store in Georgetown. We look forward to comparing Barney’s Rohloff drive train performance to Bettie’s Nuvinci after I get a chance to put some rubble under Barney’s tires.

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