Internet Famous: Fat Guy Spandex

I was walking around Hincapie HQ and spotted a Fat Guy Spandex photo taped to a monitor, and was like, “whoa, wait, is that the original?” And it was!

Jennifer Helms, shown here, shot that photo and I don’t think really knew that it was a meme. Ask anyone with a computer who’s into bikes and they’ll laugh about that photo. We posted on it last year, it was on Swobo’s blog, Cyclingnews, and elsewhere. The story is that Mr. Lampre Kit was the Mayor of the Town the Tour came through and was beaming with pride.

Note the laughter isn’t mean spirited – it’s about identifying with the fans in the sport and finding inspiration from someone who’d just wear a full-on team kit anywhere in any shape. Rock on Fat Guy in Spandex, cause the man with the sexiest bike shorts sure is.

It’s also worth noting that there were 30+ professionals there carrying $5k cameras, and Nicole shot is the most recognizable from that stage/race.

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