International Win For Susan Day!

I’ve been thinking about the passing of Susan Nelson all day, and about the countless other people who have died this year from cancer who weren’t lucky enough to have someone sharing their message.

So I’ve got an idea, and I need your help. Let’s declare Saturday Sunday August 23rd as Win For Susan day. (This happens to be the day of the Philly Livestrong Challenge.)

Wear your Fat Cyclist gear, LiveStrong bracelet or clothing, homemade signs, or other item to signify your personal fight against cancer and take a picture of yourself.

Next, upload the picture via twitter and post it on the 23rd with the tag #win4susan

While you’re at it, go to the Livestrong foundation and make a donation in Susan’s name. A dollar. Five bucks, ten, a hundred–whatever you can spare. Even if you’ve already donated for other people.

And then let’s win the fight against cancer. Let’s bring a voice to all of those who go unspoken. Let’s make the governments of the world take action and fight to save the lives of their citizens.

And let’s win for Susan.

Update: Fatty’s blog lists this PayPal page as a collection site in lieu of flowers for the funeral- monies raised will pay for the college tuition fund for Elden and Susan’s four children.

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