Interbike Favorites

Andrew and Byron have both weighed in on their favorite gear at Interbike 2008, and I’m overdue.

First off, I was excited to see that Xtracycle is releasing a center stand. We’ve blogged extensively about Big Dummy Bettie 2.5 and Val’s custom center stand. We love Val’s stand and it’s rock solid. We’ve used it while blending smoothies, and its great for stabilizing heavy loads. Val’s stand is pricey and out of reach for most xtracyclers, so this seems like a good option that is compatible with your WideLoaders. Retailing at $139 we’d love to see a handlebar mounted lever release integrated into the Xtracycle center stand, but we’re excited this product will soon be available.

Also at the Xtracycle booth we found this Dahon equipped with a Freeradical, TekDek and Adventure Rack. I love the idea of a cargo folding bike. Bike Hugger has traveled to Taipei with Dahons, and we were stoked to see this funky marriage between Xtracycle and Dahon at their Interbike Booth.

Beyond the Xtra-gear I was surprised to run across these panniers made from recycled juice boxes under the detours label. If you feel you just aren’t “green enough” riding your bike, these will certainly push you over the edge.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, is this Beer Bandoleer that can be attached to any messenger bag strap. It is lovingly named the “Beerdaleror,” by the Rickshaw Bag Company creators.

Finally, no urban pista is complete with out Velocity Rims in some bold color. If you must set yourself apart from the pack they’re now available in custom patterns, like these which will certainly make you a fixed gear Ace.

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