Instead of Doprah, Watched Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

On a Mission

As I wrote on Medium, a lo-fi channel, “well-timed for a night when our collective belief in Lance is finally lost,” we watched the Book of Mormon Musical at the Paramount in Seattle. The show is about how people who believe in something are happier and better off, no matter how dubious or ridiculous their beliefs. Just replace the bibles in the hands of the missionaries with yellow wristbands.


He said reckless!

Prefunctioning at a bar, we watched the stream, listening to tiny iPad speakers, and heard, “Reckless.” Then later, “Didn’t Call You Fat!” According to twitter, that was the Lance line of the night. Maybe it’ll inspire a song

with the chorus, “I called you a liar, and I called you a bitch…BUT! I never called you fat.”

For more humor the Onion ran this headline today, “Lance Armstrong Admits To Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs To Show Remorse.” Also, a more serious review of the interview from Bonnie Ford with highlights on the Lede blog from Juliet Macur.

So how was the show? The creators of the Book of Mormon Musical would definitely agree with this graffiti seen scrawled on the tour buses outside the venue.


It Sucks a Big Dick.

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