Inside Issue 07 #bikewishlist

Original Fuji Roubaix Artwork

Original Fuji Roubaix Artwork

Now that all the breaking bike business news has settled down for the year (we hope), it’s back to a focus on Issue 07 for us. As I said when it dropped last week, it’s a fav issue of mine with a tear-jerker Santa story and editorials about Cafe Roubaix. There are 12 articles from me and our contributors, including

  • Hell of the Great White NorthWondering why a normally legally mundane trademark issue blew up so big is partially because it’s about Roubaix, a beautiful, painful and majestic race that belongs uniquely to cycling fans, Byron
  • Patrick’s Wish ListI know what I’d do, Patrick Brady
  • Warm Feet!The simple things, BlakeswifeLisa
  • Building BiketopiaMatt wants to go big with the billions, Matt Haughey
  • Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Gloom of NightI took the letter out and read over it. I chuckled out loud, what was I thinkin’, there was no Santa, Zannestar
  • IPO Money You Say?Build a track!, Brian Gallagher
  • Beta Testing BikesFeeling a bit like an alpha/beta tester in the bike industry this year, Byron
  • Bikes For EveryoneAll the bikes, Steve Gluckman
  • An End to Skinned KnucklesWant some decent tools, Midge_UK
  • How Did Boa Get On All My shoes? – Until a few years ago, Specialized was the only brand using Boa closure now it seems every shoe uses the system, Elinor Fish
  • King of the CobblesThe feeling of justice being served through the contribution of many against a larger foe? That’s what Specialized didn’t count on. Probably because they don’t usually get their C&D’s published in newspapers, David J. Schloss

And a #bikewish to hire Will Ferrell to make PSAs about cycling that wouldn’t seem like PSAs. My wish is for more Magazine subscribers so we can hire people to do run it full time.

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Fuji Roubaix poster

Fuji Roubaix Poster

And I’ll close with another look at the Fuji Roubaix artwork we shared on Instagram, and in a Magazine article about Specialized and Cafe Roubaix. Here’s the story about it, as it was told to me by Lance Camisasca who runs PressCamp

The Roubaix artwork was from an illustrator that was used to make some museum quality catalogs and posters at Fuji America back in the 70’s. Ken Moriya, President and Founder of Fuji America had a vision of gushing high quality from a Japanese bike brand at a time manufacturing from Japan was considered junk. The Fuji bikes from that era were second to none in terms of quality and innovation.

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