Inside Issue 03: Cyclocross Preview

Issue 03

Issue 03 Cover

Because after the Tour is when cyclists start talking about and getting ready for cross season, we dedicated Issue 03 of our magazine to a fav niche of the sport. Mathowie writes in an intro to cross article

If you haven’t raced in a cyclocross event before, I’m here to convince you to rethink every life decision you’ve made up until now so that you can figure out how to remedy this situation. You NEED to race cross.

Agreed! Issue 03 continues with a Brook Watts interview about CrossVegas, Mark V’s latest obsessions, Wellens on the sand, a short story about racing relationships, and more. Here’s the TOC

  • Time for CX – letter from the editor
  • Cyclocross intro – Matt really wants you to race cross
  • Five Questions with Brook Watts – Best show in the bike business
  • A 650b/700C Cross Bike – a bike for all course conditions
  • Spinlister – Spinlister is a bike rental service and Jen tries it out
  • American Classic Road Tubeless – Why Isn’t Everyone Riding Tubeless – these days we’re riding tubular or tubeless
  • Tour Recap – Froome looks down
  • Go-To-Gear: Gaerne Shoes – a fav new shoe
  • Stick A Needle In My Eye – racing relationships sometimes fall apart
  • You’re Looking at the Tour All Wrong – because whether or not Froome was doping, it doesn’t matter.
  • Wellens on the Sand – Wellens can ride sand and you cannot.

And that’s Joey on the cover designed by Michael Pfalzgraff. He’s still ok!

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