Inside Issue 02


Citi Bike has invaded NYC

Issue 02 of our Magazine is available now and it’s about riding in the city, mostly. In the editor’s letter, I wrote

Our second issue of the magazine is dedicated to riding in the city. The issue follows the Bicycle Urbanism Symposium, a first-of-its-kind event in Seattle, where participants reimagined bicycle-friendly cities. I hosted a panel about bike culture at the symposium and was absorbed by the intellectual discussions, as well as the mutual enthusiasm for riding. While I’m off at a media event in a city somewhere, racing, or thinking about the sport, these cyclists are considering the best way to lane a road and what traffic controls are safer. My response to them and for our readers is to assemble an issue about urban cycling.

Our Urban issue starts with 5K words about Citi Bike then a Shop Girl Moment, visit to a coffee shop, sunset photo, questions on why Seattle hates cyclists, and a ride through LA. Then David rides a women’s bike, I rave about PivLocks, Mark V rants about innovation, and we learn how Bont shoes are like sticking your foot in a carbon hole. The closing story is a film crew in Mark’s shop shooting a promo for Microsoft and disturbing his workflow.

Contributing to this issue are Mzsitka, Red Kite Prayer, Zannestar, Crosssports, David J. Schloss, and Original Mark V. The cover was designed by Pfaltzgraphics with artwork from Zeke Smith of Tern.

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