In its Element

rain bike My Baron Outsider disk rain bike in its element – you can’t see from the Blackberry camera, but it was raining sheets and the wind was blowing up whitecaps on the lake.

Today is Bike to Work Day here in Seattle. Weather was mostly nice and I saw tons of people on the ride in. Earlier this week we had a day here in Seattle were it was sunny skies all day, but there was a “Severe Weather Warning” for the afternoon. It didn’t look possible when I started my 2:00 meeting, but when I got out at 3:00 it was threatening and by 4:30, as I was riding home a slight drizzle turned into a downpour. Thankfully I had the right gear and it wasn’t too bad, but I saw quite a few folks without fender and rain jackets that must have gotten soaked. Let’s hope it stays decent for the ride home tonight.

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