Ikea Bike is a Bike

Posted about Ikea’s Holiday Bike Giveaway earlier this week and said on Twitter

Want to write about the Ikea bike, but not buzzkill the effort. All thinking the same thing. The worst spec, but hey every employee got one.


Also wrote this, in a post about New York’s empty bike lane(s)

When the cheapest, Chinese-spec’d bikes possible are used for a PR stunt by Ikea, you can see where this is going. To the public that aren’t enthusiasts like we are, the Ikea bike is a bike. A toy or equivalent to a thighmaster. You’ve all been asked what your bike costs and seen the response of your friends? As much as a jet ski? Really?

What are your thoughts on the Ikea Bike? To me it reinforced how marginalized the bike is in the States. Did you find it depressing or it brings you much-needed holiday cheer? Can’t wait to lift one into your stand and work on it or buy one on Craigslist?

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