Ignite Bikes

Ignite Bikes is part of our Mobile Social Interbike Remix We’re talking about bikes and then Riding the Strip.

interbike_side_no_border.jpgIf you had five minutes on stage to talk about bikes what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Around the world, geeks have been putting together Ignites and we’re bringing the format to Interbike with us.


We want to hear about integrating wireless mobile technology and bikes. How you’re changing the world with bikes too. Got some crazy new product idea? Tell us about it, but note these talks are not pitches.


April Streeter talking about “The Future of Biking Wears Skirts and High Heels” at our last event.

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We’ll read your submission and will let you know if we picked your talk by August 27th. Make sure we have your email so we can give you the news.

Mobile Social Interbike Remix

Ignite Bike and the Mobile Social happens September 23, 2010, after the Ready to Ride Fashion Show. We’re talking bikes and riding the strip.


  • Event: Interbike 2010
  • When: September 23, 2010
  • Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Who: Attendees, Industry, Bike Huggers
  • What time: 4:30 for Ignite Bikes and 6:30 for Mobile Social.
  • RSVP now for Ignite Bikes and the Mobile Social on Facebook

Not on Facebook? RSVP on Upcoming too: Ignite Bikes and the Mobile Social.

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