Ignite Bikes Speakers

For our first Ignite Bikes, we’ve got quite a line up of speakers and presentations, including:

  • Livestrong Challenge – Chris Brewer, Livestrong
  • Path to Better Biking – Tim Blumenthal, People for Bikes
  • Lifetime of Cycling – Steve Gluckman, REI
  • Economic Myths of Building for Bicycles – David Lowe-Rogstad, Substance
  • Materials, Design, and Sustainability – Nona Varnado
  • Cocktail Parties – Jason Swihart, Mellow Clutter

Intermission: Leaving Las Vegas

  • Beyond the Bubble – Amy Walker, Momentum
  • Awesomeness – Byron, Bike Hugger
  • Unknown Preso from Mystery Speaker – Beta Brand
  • What Cyclists Want – Paul Harris, Urbana
  • How to Be a Bike Company on the Internet – Matt Haughey, Metafilter
  • Mobile Apps for Bikes – David Schloss, Bike Hugger
  • The Revolution of Small – Brad Smith, Webvisions
  • Dude, Where’s my Car? Jessica Meek, Globe BIkes


Ignite Bikes is brought you by Dahon, REI, Textura Design, and Metafilter.

See you at 4:30 PM, 9/23 this Thursday at the Interbike Media Center. We will record and share the presenations with you after the show.

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