Huggacast Shorts: Di2 Servo Sounds

With RED 22 Hydro R in and a Di2 9070 equipped Focus, I’m spending time riding both high-end groups and one note on electronic shifting is the sound. I also wanted to follow up on my post from earlier this week where I mentioned the screech-owl servo motors with a video.

Note that the sound is louder than normal shifting because the chain is on the 26 (maybe a 27) in the back and the button is being pushed to shift into the big ring without pedaling fast enough. I’m doing that so the mic picks it up.

As it breaks in, the Di2 9070 servo motor sound changes to that of a tiny, robotic screech owl call, indicating what chainring you’re in, protesting so much shifting.

The whir, shift, whir reminds you that you’re no longer shifting with cables but by wire with buttons. Very precisely like an iShifting robot.

To Hydro R, did you know you needed more modulation and power with rim brakes?

I didn’t either and it’s great, but not without some issues that I’ll post about in our long-term review.

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