Huggacast Shorts: POPO Peloton

Selfie with Sheriff

Russell Stevenson was riding the other way across the Swing Bridge, I yelled, he stopped, we were catching up with each other and then I saw flashing lights and a POPO peloton. Being the intrepid bike reporter I am, I said later to Russy and rode with the cops. I also ran every intersection they did, cause they had a police escort! That’s right, when the PO go for a ride, other PO clear the intersections for them.

It was a cross-agency “training ride” the leader said, timed for Bike to Work day of course. If you’ve met any bike cops, they truly love their jobs too. As it was said to me, “the bikes personalize us, people can talk to us, and we get to ride around.”

Got the video…

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