Huggacast 71: Torker T3E

In this Huggacast, we test ride a prototype Torker T300 with Protanium electric assist. A cool bike that we’re having fun with and I felt like the “King of the World” when riding it.

We’ll detail this bike out more after a few rides. The quick spec is

  • Torker T300, a city bike
  • SRAM 3-speed, coaster brake rear
  • Protanium with roller brake motorized front hub.

The reported range is 35 miles while pedaling. The Protanium works with an auto-assist at low speeds and a thumb-controller for boosting power. Compared to other systems, It’s small, effective, and lightweight. The bike is also well balanced because the Protanium system only adds about 5 pounds.

The final production spec is subject to change and the MSRP is $1200.00. Torkers are available from your local bike shop. More photos in our photostream.

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