Huggacast 53: USPro Service Course

We say hello to Hincapie Sportswear, meet Moto 1, and ride with Mavic at the USPro Road Race.

To date, one of the most intense, extreme, Mtn-dew-drinking things I’ve done is ride in the Mavic Service Course car. Barking tires around corners, whipping around other cars in the caravan, and following a breakaway down an S-turning mountain road is right up there with white-knuckle, 55-mph, Mtn pass descents on my road bike.

The ride started calm enough. It was supposed to be a neutral start and then within seconds it was shouting, horns, acceleration, near misses, motorcycles buzzing, Rock Racing something. Holy shit, hold the fuck on, geezus and boom: Moto 1 goes down crackles over the radio. And that was the 1st lap!

I just stayed quite, kept to my blogging self, and held on. I imagined that must be what it’s liked to get dropped into a hotzone from a helicopter. Calm, quiet and then wham: total chaos.

The race didn’t calm down until we hit Paris Mtn.




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