Huggacast 152: Magnic Lights WORK! For Reals!

Magnic lights work with magnets, for reals, and no batteries

Magnic Lights are a Kickstarter project my friend Matt help fund. He was skeptical, but thought if they were real, they’d be amazing. He hates having USB dongles or batteries everywhere and too lazy to get a dyno hub wheel. A year later, the Magnics show up at his house and he unboxed them in a hangout with me. Then he recorded them working with his iPhone. That they work amazed us both and anyone who’s seen them.

Watch now on YouTube or download the large desktop video file.

Besides the magic of magnets, an eddy current is being created from the small amount of ferrous metal in the aluminum rim. LEDs require such low voltage that they light up. Remarkable and similar to Reelights. I’ve got several Knog lights on my bikes and all of them have a USB dongle. They’re nice, but to just ride and go forever without a chart using magnets is nicer. Magnic lights cost $257.29 for a complete set.


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