Hugga Fever Dream for the Holidays

We’re en route to Maui for the holidays and posting this fever dream, our friend Richard from Cyclelicious shared with us…

I visit Zero Motorcycles headquarters right here in Scotts Valley and discover they’re about to announce a new electric powered superbike capable of 150 MPH with a thousand mile range. They offer to let me take it for a spin, so I hop on and shoot north on I-5 to check out Starbucks Coffee’s new plantation on the slopes of Mount Rainier.

Starbucks have hybridized the arabica coffee shrub with a juniper to create a coffee that can grow in the Pacific Northwest, causing consternation among coffee snobs everywhere who can’t decide if they should value USA sourced over their pretentious dismissal of a national corporate brand.

I’m swinging through Puyallup to find my way to the plantation when Mount Rainier blows its top, completely obliterating the Starbucks plantation. I decide to continue north to visit +DL Byron’s new food truck in Seattle, which serves up an eclectic combination of foods he discovers on his international travels to far away exotic locales like Austin and Las Vegas.

I arrive to find a huge line outside of the food truck, and then the rain starts and I awaken to a monster rainstorm outside here in California. I’m tellin’ ya it’s really coming down – reminds me of a good Texas storm!

We also wish you the best and thank you for being part of what we do with this blog and bike community.

We had a great year in 12 with much more planned in 13. For now, we’re riding, resting, and relaxing.

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