Hugga Coverage of the Tour De France


Now that Versus has announced that Le Tour will be streamed to us in HDTV goodness, we at Hugga HQ are atwitter (not Twitter) about this year’s tour. Who is going to win? Who will take the polka-dot jersey? How many times will we see the devil? Will Lance punch doping syringe guy again? We’ll be using a new service called CoverItLive to bring you live, moderated chats through the live coverage of Stage 1 (not the prologue) and then other key stages. Moderated chat begins 8am EDT on the 5th.

Some days we’ll have important people in the industry dropping by to chat as well. Best of all, you can follow from work and pretend you’re kicking out your TPS Reports.

Expect polls on the least favorite ads, a “lance” drinking game (counting every time they say his name) and Phil and Paul bingo.

Bookmark for the action, which will start 8am on the 5th of July. (Regular comments are open now.) All we’re missing is some dramatic fanfare music. Maybe I’ll whip up something.

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