How Bike Hugger blogs

Readers that follow us here and via Twitter, Flickr, Interbike, and our Link Blog, may wonder just how we do it or maybe even considering blogging themselves; well, here ya go, all the details.


iPhone G3
Post via email to Flickr
Post by browser to Twitter
Post by iPhone app to TypePad blog
Post by browser to Movable Type
Movable Type
Bike Hugger 1.0 is published with MT 3.x.
We’re launching 2.0 this Fall on MT 4.x – MT4 will offer us even more moblogging, reblogging, and feed features.
Burns our feeds
Serves ads
Splices Delicious and Flickr into our feed
Twitterfeed reblogs our posts to Twitter aggregates and publishes posts between our blogs.
Macbook Pros
Casio Exilim Digial Camera
Canon Vixia HF100 HD Camcorder
SanDisk MobileMate
iLife Suite
Final Cut Express

The Mojo & Secret Sauce

The pixie dust that makes a blog work is derived from lots of hard work. The technique is to find a niche, a topic you’re really into, and geek out on it – become a hugger of it. Don’t fret about SEO, links in/out, amd all that navel-gazing stuff you hear from Social Media pundits. Focus on the content and live it. As this presentation says, “Do Epic Shit.”

I wrote more about blogging in a book and will join my fellow bloggers on a panel at Interbike later this month. Textura Design Inc., the publisher of Bike Hugger, is speaking all about blogging and Social Media at various events this Fall.

Questions? Please comment and we’ll respond. Also check all the other bike blogs.

More blogging and moblogging

The moblogging (mobile blogging, on the go, like we did in Greenville) will continue with our Mobile Socials and upcoming trips to Vegas, Amsterdam, Rome, Taipei, and Boston.

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