How to Wear Our New Cycling Cap

caps 1

Our new Velocity collection cap

Just last night saw a Campy hat in a Kraft cheese TV ad and get asked about our cycling caps when I wear one at various events. Cycling Tips posted a tutorial on proper hat usage.

As cycling continues to boom I feel that it’s part of my duty to educate and inform on the finer details of the sport. On the surface wearing the simple cycling biretta appears to be a no-brainer. What could possibly be done to mess it up? As it turns out there are many variations to wearing a cycling cap that are easy to get wrong.

It’s important to align the brim of the cap with your nose and when the cap is not under a helmet, it should have a proper puff and ride high on the forehead. To the point of nearly falling off, like this.


Big Mig photo via SI’s archive

As Cycling Tips notes too, caps are for a specific, traditional purpose: sweat off your brow, sun out of your eyes, and rain off your face. I’ve worn many a cap and ours are made with nylon. They’re thin to fit inside a helmet and don’t fall apart after you wash and dry them.

caps 2

When flipped up, the brim says “bike hugger”

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