How to make a kid cry, I hate this bike, and more

After all that travel, I’m finally getting caught up in my feed reader and posting the related links. Enjoy.

In this video Criss Angel makes a kid’s bike disapper – while the parents are amazed, the kid is not so happy.

El Chavo posts on LA Eastside about the Problem with Bike Kulture – “why is a form of transportation being elevated to an ideology?” What? Poor people riding bikes bothers you? Or is it the use of K instead of C to spell culture?


“This damn bike! I hate this bike. I hate this freakin’ bike! Stupid bike” – from WikiQuote. I totally forget about that line from the Karate Kid and scene where the Cobra Kais run him off the road. A fan site has even found the location of that egregious incident. Not as good as a pump in your wheel from the bastard Italians, but still good.

It’s the year of the Pink Bike – Mark’s Mini-velo & Women’s Forge Athena-V Comfort Bike in Hope Pink.

Riding Your Bike Can Burn Calories and other smart, doctorly observations are available on the Associated Content network.

RFID for bikes – great, cool, now how ‘bout tubeless tires for commuters, affordable electric assist, or maintenance free drivetrains? Something like really useful; ya know like this device that trips lights.

Small Cog Coffee is a micro-roaster that delivers by bike.


Hat tip to readers gregclimbs, roger – keep sending us those links.

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