How to Commit Attempted Murder During A Race


Let’s pretend that you’re an important rider on an international pro cycling team finishing off a multi-day stage race closing in on the final four kilometers of a hard day in the saddle. Heck, we’ll go ahead pretend that you’re Theo Bos riding for Rabobank in the Tour of Turkey and say that the race leader is Darril Impey of Barloworld.

You’re probably thinking “I wonder if there are any dirty race tactics I could use to both help my team win a stage race and commit a felony at the same time? Preferably something that will be caught on camera.” As the final kilometers tick away you’ve got a plan. Why not just grab the race leader and throw him into the barriers?

And that’s exactly what Bos did, in a move that has yet to be even sanctioned.


The YouTube clip is astounding, the action starts about the 3:30 mark. Be sure to watch the bottom left of the screen as the announcer starts to yell about the move as he sees it developing. There’s a bonus pile up in the finish as well.

Thanks to the lack of UCI action, we’re looking forward to seeing all sorts of racers thrown around in the Grand Tours this season.

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