Pop Quiz: How are David Guetta’s video and a Huffy alike?

“You shoot me down, but I won’t fall; I am titanium”.

David Guetta’s Euro-dance track “Titanium” features vocals by Sia. The somewhat androgynous, adolescent main character somehow has several telekinetic episodes prompting a chase by police and later by a squad of generic soldiers in black. In between, the main character rides a P.O.S. ten-speed bike with decent proficiency on wet roads. Which is to say that a pro like Boonen wouldn’t have blinked at the slicked asphalt, but Christian Vande Velde would have been upside down in a ditch with a busted collarbone.

Meanwhile, on Craigslist there is a used “Huffy Titanium” bicycle for $75 in Scottsdale.

In neither case is there any titanium involved.

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