Hook ‘em Horns & Yellow Devil

Having watched glimpses of the sport for years on ESPN, ABC, and then finally full-coverage on OLN then Vs, it’s great to see more fans on the roads embracing the Euro tradition of crazy outfits.


Hook’em horns guy, superheroes, the Pope, Grim Reaper, and so on. It also wasn’t too long ago, that police tackled fans during the San Francisco Grand Prix cause they didn’t get the whole, “run and cheer them on” thing.


The Tour of California has seen the Yellow Devil with his Live Clean jersey and syringe poker.

I wasn’t able to find photos of the Yellow Devil. Anyone?

As these fans express their new-found fandom, I expect some of the dumber ones are going to experience the other tradition of being run over by a race moto or stiff-armed by a racer.

Hook ‘em Horns guy photo credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images North America; Pope, Reaper photo credit: BBC News.

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