History Missed Is History Lost


This is Mara Abbott the very first American woman to win the Gira Donne (which is the Giro for female cyclists). The very…first. This is an amazing bit of cycling history because not only did she win a race that I am barely in shape to watch but she beat the second place finisher by more than two minutes.

Abbott is riding for Peanut Butter and Company’s Team Twenty12 An astounding ride for an American, and fortunately the world’s cycling press will cover this amazing, historical moment. It will be great to see the press highlight her ride especially in light of the current poor-showing from US men in the Tour de France. In fact since it’s a rest day I bet we’ll hear all about Abbott and her amazing Giro-clinching ride yesterday.

Breaking News! Alberto Contador played soccer on his day off!!!!!! Holy shit!


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