Hincapie Skin Defense for Cyclists

Finally a bright sunny weekend in Seattle and a good time to introduce Hincapie Skin Defense Suncreen. We tested Skin Defense in Tuscany late last year and the product is shipping next week from our Amazon Store. While in Tuscany, I wrote

Thick, pasty sunblocks and the new mist spray ons provide pretty good coverage. When riding hard, they can also either block your skin from sweating and later your pores or run with sweat. During a team camp in Santa Barbara, I had the torturous experience of climbing a hard ascent, pouring sweat from my forehead, and sun block chemicals right into my eyes. That sport sunblock wasn’t as sweat-proof as the label indicated. Worse is that it appeared I was crying by the end of the climb. I’m no climber, but don’t cry when it gets hard!

skin_defense.jpg What I like about Skin Defense is it goes on with a light spray. It isn’t greasy, skin-clogging, lasts all day and hey it didn’t make me cry.

We rode big miles in the Tuscan sun without burning our pasty-white, normally rain-soaked Seattle skin. I also noticed that at the end of the sunny day in Seattle, there was some skin bronzing, but not the normal, red heat I’d have with other sunscreens.

Steve Baker, Marketing Director at Hincapie Sportswear, provided the tech details on the product after the jump. For cyclists, this product was made for us and whether your touring, commuting, or racing in the sun.

Tech details

Hincapie Skin Defense SPF 30 sunscreen is specially formulated with Critical Wavelength 372, to provide maximum solar protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB radiation. The water-resistant, sweat-proof formula is designed specifically for use by cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. A single application lasts up to five hours, even in water.

One of the main differences is the water-based zinc, instead of alcohol that results in less skin irration. To SFP value, Hincapie worked hard on UV wavelength efficacy. Other sunscreens are ineffective against the most important wavelengths that are responsible for sun damage. Working with George Hincapie, amateur cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts resulted in more effective sun protection.

  • Skin Defense offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with an SPF30 and Critical Wavelength (CW) of 372nm (The FDA and the AAD recommend using a product with a XW over 370nm to help prevent solar aging and melanoma.)

  • Skin Defense is water resistant and sweat proof making it ideal for athletes

  • Skin Defense is the only water-based, spray-on zinc product on the market and does not irritate like alcohol based products

  • Skin Defense is made using encapsulation technology that lowers levels of active ingredient and the possibility of skin irritation

Hincapie Skin Defense sells for $17.99 and ships directly from Amazon.com.

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