Hey Bro Don’t . . . Donut Bike Rack!

In Hey Bro news,

  • Don’t drag your bike under a train

    “I was riding on the trail when I came to the train track out by Todd Park. I didn’t think trains ran on Sundays. There was one parked on the track for a long time, so I decided to drag my bike under it really quickly because I didn’t know how else to get around it.”

  • Don’t steal donuts while riding a bike

    “Police in Connecticut said a bicycle-riding robber threatened a clerk at a Dunkin` Donuts drive-through and pedaled away with a cash drawer.”

  • Don’t if it goes numb

    “The objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness of the no-nose bicycle saddle as an ergonomic intervention and their acceptance among male bicycle police officers.”

That last one could also be written as, “why’d you study that, Bro?” Oh and searching for “dunkin donuts bicycle,” returned this donut rack.

Dungin' Donuts Rack!

Yeah Internets!

More about the D-Rack from Cycling Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Dungin' Donuts Rack!

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