Pop-Up Privacy with Squivvy

Some gear comes in and the reaction is, “I don’t know, I mean, I get it, but not sure.” A good example is the Squivvy, we tested last night at the local Tuesday Night World Championship.

<img src=”http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4017/4458337867_013d4cbd48_o.jpg” width=400” alt=”Changing Tent” />

That’s a pop-up “changing tent” and for those of us who’ve spent an inordinate amount of time changing in the car in parking lots, it’s got potential. Would you rather wiggle around in the car, change real fast outside, or use a kilt?

Logo-ignite.png The Squivvy works well – open it up, unzip, step inside, and change into your gear standing up. Then somehow flip, turn, and twist it back into a folded shape, which is about the size of a wheel. Inside the Squivvy are pockets, hooks, and lines to hang and store stuff.

The Squivvy did get its share of laughs, from “honey come in here, wink wink” to “I can just stand outside and change without a tent.” Sure, but on a brisk or raining morning it’s useful and for warming up in the pouring rain.

We liked it and we’ll test it more. Also on test, Buff Headwear, which also garners snickers from the crowd. More on that in another post.

The Squivvy sells for $89.95 and provides a 4’ x 4’ room that’s over 6 feet tall.

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