Hed Stinger 9:  It’s So Deep!

newly mounted Stinger 9.jpg

Here’s my new Hed Stinger 9 front wheel. It’s really deep profile: 90mm!

When you put your Velocity Deep-V wheel into your bike’s dropouts, does your bike ask you “Is it in yet?”

This front wheel weighed exactly 697gr on a triple beam scale, without skewer or tubular tire (979gr with a Continental Sprinter). I actually have to point out that the wheel was remarkably true and round ( a lot of carbon wheels are kinda hoppy, though not as much as a typical tubular tire).

The rear wheel is going to be problematic. I talked Hed into selling me just a rear rim, which is 24H, so I could lace it to my own favourite hub, a Dura Ace high-flange rear track hub (HB-7600). The thing is that the hub isn’t available in a 24H, just 28, 32, & 36H. So I’m going to have to tweak the spoke calculations so I can lace the 36H hub with 24 spokes, cross-2 pattern. More on this later…

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