Bike Hugger visits Hed Cycling HQ

Bike Hugger recently had the opportunity to visit the HQ of Hed Cycling in Shoreview Minnesota. This custom full disc wheel was made by Hed employees for fun. Several of these have started to show up at the office and now they’re considering a “Disc of the Week” program to auction off the one of a kind creations to a lucky sole. Just imagine the power of the force created rolling this dope Star Wars motif at the Velodrome.

Don’t know much about Hed Cycling? Steve Hed has been in the business for over 20 years, and his wheels have been ridden everywhere from the Tour de France, to the Hawaii Ironman. Each wheel is still handmade and assembled just outside the twin cities of Minneapolis / St. Paul. While poking around the shop, Andy kindly pointed out the custom machinery, technology, and people behind Hed Cycling. I’ll be posting a few of the cool things we stumbled across over the next week. If you want to take a virtual tour of the shop, you can see more after the jump.

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