Have Fun to Win a Bike

Minneapolis for Globe product launch.

Last week Specialized rolled out a program to give away a (unspecified) number of their 2010 Stumpjumper FSRs to people willing to blog about their experiences. I’m looking forward to riding with my fellow Trail Crew folks after my entry wins.

Now I think it would be almost unfair for me to enter Specialized’s newest contest, a chance to win a Globe bike in exchange for blogging about your experiences with one of their bikes. We loved the Globe bikes when we covered the launch of the product lines, and now is your chance to ride them, and become a “Glober.” (I’d have gone with GlobeTrotter myself.)

For this contest Specialized has a page detailing the terms, but basically you have to tell them why you’d be a great blogger, why you’d have fun with the bike, the add your entry to their Facebook fan page. Easy as pie, right?

It would be hard to not have fun with a free Globe bike, so this should be a pretty spirited contest.

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