Hard to Find Hat

This style of hat is hard to find – I cherish mine: washing them only as a last resort, placing it in a special gear spot, and reserving it for the really cold days. Yep, I’ve got more than one. I hoard them like a cycling survivalist.


I also realize how marginal a sport cycling is when a hat this functional isn’t hanging in every bike shop (instead we’ve got doo rags). The bill folds up when hot and down to function as a sun visor and keep precipitation off your face. The ear flaps fold, for cold and warmer conditions. There’s also enough material for tufting it up on top of your head for off the bike, apres-bike style.

Gore’s Windstopper in this usage works well because so much heat escapes off your head. Modern, well-vented helmets are great in the summer and work like a freezing venturi tunnel in the cold.

Maybe Bike Hugger will just start making these ourselves; at least for me and our readers.

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