Happy Cog Hosting UPDATE

hc_logo.png Happy Cog Hosting is launching this week and we’ve been with them since they started their beta late last year. I’ve let you know we moved to a new host and that’s who it is.

We’re in good company with them and hope you noticed the improvements. We’re still working on some issues and will continue to make changes. Our frequency of posting will return to daily later this week too. We’ve got plenty to write about now that our website is more stable.


Happy Cog Hosting has launched with these words from Grey Hoy.

”Why do you want to offer hosting? Hosting is hard!” We’ve heard quite a bit of that lately from our friends. Hosting is hard, no doubt. And that’s exactly why we want to offer it … The only way to get on board is to receive an invitation through a friend or colleague, so keep your eyes on Twitter and your email.

If you’re interested, we’ve got invites. Also see Cameron Moll’s post on Happy Cog Hosting.

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