Handpresso at Press Camp 12

This video shows me pouring a cup of espresso from a mini bicycle pump that gets 16 bar attached to a portafilter with a water reservoir and it works! First thing I noticed was wait, a mini pump that pushes 16 bars? Whoa! And it makes good coffee, even better. As long-time readers know, I’m a coffee snob and travel everywhere with a bike AND coffee. I made my own travel press and it’s admittedly as messy as a dirty chain. So for the trip to Deer Valley to attend Press Camp 12, I brought this with me and it totally works. Posted a photo into Facebook about the Handpresso and fans replied that they’ve been using them for years.

Handpresso are available from Amazon.com for $129.00. The brewing process is

  1. Pump up the volume to 16 awesome bars
  2. Fill the reservoir from the in-room coffee maker or a carafe.
  3. Insert the Illy ESP coffee pod
  4. Release the pressure value
  5. Hot water is forced through the pod and into your cup with a nice creme.

Note: this is NOT as good as a Rancilio at home, but way better than in-room coffee or a burnt cup from the Starbucks in the hotel lobby.

ZV-1 Pre-Order

Where’s the presto valve attachment?

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