H20 Overdrive Sports Drink

Cyclists, like other endurance athletes, drink before during and after the ride. That’s usually three drinks: water, some form of sugar, and recovery. H2O Overdrive, a new sports drink, combines three drinks into one and adds supplements, vitamins, and more.


Lengthy Label


You could nod off reading that label and spend a few hours googling all those ingredients. Vitamins, herbs, proteins, amino acids, and so on. The result is a drink that’s chock full of stuff. It tastes ok, but a bit chalky, like pureed vitamins.

The drink also includes 100 mg of caffeine. For me, after a hard ride I don’t want anymore caffeine. I want to rest or sleep. I also wouldn’t want to risk putting all that stuff into my stomach during a race or hard ride. A drink this complex, is probably better suited for training and recovery.

Supplemental Science

In the supplement business, lots of herbs and nutrients get buzz and press and some alchemist puts them together in a nutrient complex claiming they work on a molecular level. Is there any real science proving that Taurine, Arinine and 5 other ines do anything? No. Not really.

While appreciating what H2O Overdrive is doing with their drink, they may have overpacked it with all that extra stuff and could better prove their claims. Sports drinks are also rider specific. I ride with cyclists that swear by Cytomax and I can’t stomach a drop of it. In the women’s racing scene, post race, they’re all drinking chocolate milk.

That being said, it could work wonders for you and get you through your next big ride. Give it a try and let us know. H2O Overdrive is sells for $3.29 and is available direct from Innovative Health Solutions. Considering what it costs for powders, vitamins, and supplements, that’s a good deal.

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